Carpet Cleaning

If you have a carpet is essential for absolutely every home that need to be clean your carpet, this is because dirt and grime can quickly make themselves at home in your carpet. The vacuum can't remove all of the dirt, even if you have a high powered one, because traffic can grind particles down into the carpet fibers, which makes it stick.

Deep cleaning

f the idea of steam cleaning your carpet is new to you then there are some things that you need to consider first. If you don't know what you are doing then it can damage your carpet. Cheap steam cleaners can saturate your carpet with excess moisture, which in turn can cause molds to grow, odors to occur, and other problems to start. 

We are a professional will know how to treat your carpet with care so we know can clean it without damaging it. We will also have access to different equipment and solutions which work better than the ones you can buy in a shop. 

  • 100% Customer satisfaction - Guaranteed
  • Steam cleaning with truck-mounted system
  • Pre-treatment with child- and pet-safe chemicals
  • Stain treatments when necessary - on site estimate

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    Carpet Cleaning

    1 Area $45.00
    2 Areas $89.00
    3 Areas $135.00
    4 Areas $159.00
    5 Areas $189.00
    6 Areas $219.00
    7 Areas $239.00
    8 Areas $259.00
    9 Areas $279.00
    10 Areas $299.00
    11 Areas $309.00
    12 Areas $329.00
    13 Areas $359.00
    14 Areas $389.00
    15 Areas $409.00
    Bathroom $15.00
    Walk-in Closet $15.00
    Landing $10.00
    Hall $15.00
    Entry / Foyer $15.00
    Laundry Room $15.00
    Stairs $3.50ea.

    Rugs Cleaning

    Rug Synthetic $1.00
    Rug Wool $2.00
    Per square feet check your tag to know the material of your rug, we need to take the rug to our shop and we'll returned it in two or three business days

    Upholstery Cleaning

    Chair $50.00
    Sofa $85.00
    Loveseat $75.00
    Ottoman $15.00
    Sectional $160.00
    Dining Room Chair $15.00

    Tile Cleaning

    Bathroom $30.00
    Hall $40.00
    Walk-in Closet $30.00
    Landing $30.00
    Entry / Foyer $30.00
    Laundry Room $30.00
    1 Area $89.00
    2 Area $159.00
    3 Area $239.00
    4 Area $309.00
    5 Area $369.00
    6 Area $429.00

    Air Duct Cleaning

    Clean Up to 8 Vents $159.00
    Clean Up to 10 Vents $185.00
    Clean Up to 12 Vents $210.00
    Clean Additional Vents $15.00